Improving the safety of your assets and your operations is not something we take lightly. Safety is part of our mission. We pour countless hours of development into solutions that make the transportation industry safer for all of us.

It's for your drivers, navigators, and crews. It's for commuters going to work. It's for families taking a trip. It's for communities interwoven with transportation systems- railroads, waterways, and roads.

Safety takes everyone's help.

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Mobile Phone Detection System

Incidents resulting from distracted driving happen too often and can be avoided.

The Mobile Phone Detection System is a safety solution that helps create safer operations for rail crews, passengers, and the public by detecting in-cab mobile or cell phone usage. Wi-Tronix developed the Mobile Phone Detection System to further enhance locomotive remote monitoring and offer a safety technology that recognizes mobile phone signals which could indicate distracted operation. 

Railroads can use cell phone detection information to improve the safety of their operations by identifying and reducing distracted driving and monitoring compliance to rules like FRA Emergency Order 26, which restricts on-duty use of cellular telephones and other electronic devices.

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In-Cab Audible Alerts