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Immediately access and integrate all of your data and make
smarter decisions across your operations.

Smart Remote Monitoring

Securely access your data anytime, anywhere—get real time alerts/messages and software updates to improve operations and better monitor your assets on and off the track.


Stay connected to your assets with real-time streaming video-avoid in cab safety issues and translate video data into immediate action to save time and money.


Stay on top of projected failures and fuel distance warnings, optimize idling time, remotely monitor battery/asset health and better manage capital planning.

Advanced Analytic Automation

Maintain compliance with active monitoring and in-cab alarms for speed restriction enforcement, fuel theft detection, interchange plus invoice fuel reconciliation and automate fleet reporting.

Onboard Wireless Processing Unit (Wi-PU)

Our distinctly rugged, modular hardware provides fleet agnostic data acquisition from OEM and 3rd party equipment through supported interfaces for Serial, Ethernet, Modbus, CAN, MVB, and Lonworks. This platform incorporates multiple devices to deliver a reliable, cost effective solution across your fleet.

  • FRA Compliant Event Recorder
  • Digital Video Recorder
  • Specialized Sensors
  • Crash Hardened Memory

Edge Processing

Our Edge-based software provides onboard business logic and analytics in real time, dynamic data processing that integrates asset, train, configuration, GIS and other specified data sources to improve planning and operational safety.

  • Real time event monitoring
  • In cab audio alerts
  • Remote software updating

Connectivity & Communications

Our secure and ultra-efficient wireless transmission utilizes responsive tower routing and wireless switching for seamless and reliable communications. Customized to the needs of your business, data may be continuously streamed, triggered by events, or sent periodically.

  • Cellular
  • Satellite
  • WiFi

Cloud Storage

Our trusted, secure and scalable Cloud-based storage processing makes video, data, and analytics available remotely, whenever and wherever you need it. Maximize your opportunities to incorporate sophisticated business logic with rich and complex operational data and industry leading image repositories.

Web Services

Easily access data visualization, forensic business intelligence, descriptive and predictive analytics to keep better track of your operations and make proactive asset planning decisions.

  • Real time video streaming
  • Equipment health and failures
  • Virtual reality remote incident investigation
  • Fleet configuration management
  • Alert subscriptions
  • Automatic customer invoicing
  • Asset mapping
  • Geo-fence authoring
  • Sudden fuel loss detection