Products & Services

Products and Services

The purpose of Wi-Tronix products and services is to help your business reduce cost, improve safety, increase service reliability, and maintain sustainable technology. Our goal is to provide the most practical technologies that suit your requirements.

Wi-Tronix works with your rail, marine, mining, and other high-value mobile assets by integrating with your existing systems to deliver data to you in real time.

Our products offer the flexibility to grow with your business needs to save you time and money.

It's that simple.

Here's How it Works

Connect your assets
to Wi-Tronix
Retrieve secure data, alerts
and messages in real time
See the benefits.
See the savings.


The Wi-PU is the heart of the Wi-Tronix solution. It is a ruggedized computer that remotely sends you asset data in real time. The Wi-PU is the hardware that reads the asset's data and delivers it in a way that shows you money-saving opportunities.

Best of all, the Wi-PU integrates with your existing subsystems. There is no need to replace your Event Recorders or other systems. Contact us to get the ever-growing list of systems we integrate with.

It's a true all-in-one solution for your entire fleet.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Get access to your data anywhere, anytime with Wi-Tronix hosted Software as a Service (SaaS). Wi-Tronix hosts a secure website so you can access your information- both real time and historical data- from anywhere. Utilize a customer log in to gain secure access to your data. The website allows you to customize your page, alerts, and permissions based on your company needs. You can choose frequency of alerts, who receives them, and other logic so you get the most out of the data.

The Wi-PU comes equipped with many features to help your business.
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