Wi-Nostix - Predictive Maintenance - Locomotive Save


Wi-Nostix, a product of Wi-Tronix is predictive diagnostics and analytics software-as-a-service for the transportation industry, utilizing an Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The Wi-Nostix software uses a highly advanced algorithm that identifies anomalies in engine and asset performance. The software, with the help of a highly trained analyst, learns normal engine performance by gathering existing sensor data and uses advanced analytics to identify subtle deviations in operating behavior. These abnormalities are often the warning signs of impending equipment problems.

Wi-Nostix reduces failures, improves reliability, and reduces costs. The software is primarily used for:
  •         Maintenance planning
  •         Remote troubleshooting
  •         Repair validation
  •         Predictive/Prescriptive Maintenance

Use Case - Rail Industry – Locomotive Engine Save

Scenario: A Western Australian railroad had just completed major maintenance on its locomotives. Locomotive 118 received an engine overhaul and was released back into service in good health.

Identifying the Issue: Days after the overhaul, the railroad’s Maintenance Supervisor and Wi-Nostix engineers received a Priority 1 Alarm that 118 was logging excessively high engine exhaust temperatures. Wi-Nostix engineers quickly investigated and confirmed the alert was valid. The railroad’s maintenance team immediately contacted maintenance personnel to inspect the engine. Wi-Nostix engineers continued to find additional faults on the same vehicle. Wi-Nostix engineers even predicted that there could potentially be smoke on the locomotive and the throttle was creating insufficient boost, causing extremely high engine temperatures. The railroad took the locomotive out of service and deployed mechanical personnel to find the engine issue on 118 and make repairs.

Diagnosis: Maintenance personnel discovered the root cause of the issue to be a burst turbocharger air supply hose to the aftercooler that had not been correctly reattached following the engine overhaul. It was repaired the same day and the engine was released back into service.

Resolution: Identifying and repairing this issue prevented the engine from overheating, which would have caused an imminent failure on the mainline track.

Savings: This save prevented: reactive (post-failure) maintenance, negative impacts to network velocity, delays to customer, delays in lading, trackage overstay penalties. The estimated savings of catching this imminent failure are well over $10,000

For more information on Wi-Nostix or Wi-Tronix, send an inquiry to: info (at) wi-tronix (dot) com. 

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