Locomotive Rollover Alert - Use Case


Wi-Tronix offers real-time, condition-based alerts for its customers’ mobile assets. Users can subscribe to alerts to be notified in real time if specific conditions are met. Alerts are customized per user, based on desired conditions of frequency, alert type, and within a certain geofence area. 

Wi-NAV™, which is a feature of the Wi-PU™ and Violet™, offers advanced inertial navigation to further enhance the accuracy of real-time alerts. Wi-NAV includes a 3-axis digital accelerometer, digital compass, and 3-axis digital gyroscope. 
  • Automatic collision detection instantly determines if emergency brake application coincides with a collision and alerts appropriate personnel 
  • Identifies collision severity, including derailment or rollover events 
  • Alerts and summary reports for high energy impacts
  • High accuracy GPS for improved, more precise asset locations 
  • Increased situational awareness provides information needed by first responders to minimize losses when an incident occurs 

Use Case - Rail Industry – Locomotive Rollover Alert

Scenario: Wi-Tronix generated a series of alerts that a railroad’s locomotive triggered an Engineer Initiated Emergency, Emergency with Impact, and Rollover Alert within a 30-second period. Wi-NAV technology detected a high G-force to indicate impact and a change in cant to indicate a rollover event. The technology correctly identified this serious event and provided alerts in real time. Railroad personnel discovered that a semi-truck had been stuck on the on the tracks, and the locomotive impacted the semi-truck which caused locomotive to roll over onto the mainline.

Use Case and Benefits:  In this case, the railroad pinpointed the locomotive’s exact location by GPS fused with Google Maps™. This allowed them to identify the exact railroad crossing effected and to quickly dispatch the correct responders for the situation.
  • First responders were dispatched in the event the locomotive engineers were incapacitated
  • The railroad’s team took immediate action to send emergency personnel 
  • The railroad team quickly identified the train ID and knew whether or not it was carrying hazardous materials that require special environmental handling
  • All train movement and crew calling was suspended
  • Heavy equipment was dispatched immediately to restore the train to service
  • Fast response allowed these issues to be resolved quickly and efficiently in order prevent further delays on the track mainline

The railroad was appreciative of the real-time alerting from Wi-Tronix and looks forward to implementing more alerts to continue its quick response to other future safety-critical situations.

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