3 Ways Violet Helps Overcome PTC Roadblocks

Positive Train Control will cost the rail industry more than $10 billion to implement. Besides the huge cost, PTC has caused a series of roadblocks that prevent railroads from seeing a return on their PTC investment.

PTC is a critical safety system, so it is necessary for railroads to implement it before the deadline in December 2018. Railroads don't need additional roadblocks or set backs during implementation.

Wi-Tronix identified 3 major roadblocks that railroads face with PTC implementation and found ways to overcome those roadblocks. Violet offers solutions to these 3 issues so railroads can get back to doing what they do best -- moving goods and transporting people.

Even years after PTC is implemented, Violet helps railroads realize business value from PTC with real-time remote monitoring and smart video solutions.


Problem: No real-time reporting of PTC data 
Violet Solution: Violet Live and alerting platform

Wi-Tronix's Violet Live is real-time streaming data delivery for up-to-the-second connectivity to locomotives. Event recorder, PTC messages, and video are streamed and synchronized in a single location. Users access the data online from any device -- phone, tablet, or computer.


Problem: No consolidated health monitoring platform
Violet Solution: Self-testing event recorder and subsystems health monitoring

Violet offers real-time health status of PTC subsystems and other locomotive systems. All the health monitoring is in one place through the Violet software platform. Mechanical shops save time with at-a-glance health information to know exactly what systems need repair.


Problem: Inaccurate PTC operational thresholds negatively affect velocity performance
Violet Solution: Monitor for PTC faults and status in real time to identify low performing subdivisions

PTC is complex, and some of its logic and algorithms continue to trigger false PTC emergency brake applicaitons. False brake applications reduce your velocity and create a difficult learning environment for crews. Violet remotely monitors these false alerts and allows users to see trends in order to improve the logic and decrease negative impacts on velocity.

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