2 Complexities of PTC Solved with Violet – Part 2

2 Complexities of PTC Solved with Violet – Part 2

The country’s railroads are moving toward installing Positive Train Control (PTC) by the December 2018 deadline.

But the task is daunting. 

Railroads are moving as quickly as they can to install the safety system before the deadline but are faced with significant roadblocks of the highly complex technology.

The Association of American Railroads (AAR) outlined 8 complexities that railroads face when implementing PTC. 

This is the second of our 2-part series where we are highlighting some of those the complexities and diving into how Wi-Tronix solves those issues with the Violet solution.

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Complexity 2:
Geo-mapping 60,000 miles: The approximately 60,000 miles of railroad right-of-way on which PTC technology will be installed and 486,000 field assets (i.e. mileposts, curves, grade crossings, switches, signals, etc.) must be precisely geo-mapped for PTC technology to work correctly. This mapping forms the basis for the system’s track database used by the back office server.

Mapping tens of thousands of miles of right-of-way track and field assets is time consuming.

Typically, people think of a locomotive’s outward facing cameras as a tool used in incident investigation. That’s its most common use case. However, there is an entirely new use case of further utilizing cameras that are already deployed on locomotives.

Violet’s outward-facing HD quality cameras have Visual Intelligence technology that can complete geo-mapping activities automatically.  

The system’s real-time analytics optimize the time the locomotive is running its normal operations by multi-tasking. Violet’s VI technology completes the milepost geo-mapping during normal locomotive operation. The high-definition cameras collect track and field asset information and use video analytics to analyze the images for certain features. 

This means that railroads do not have to give up track time to geo-map the railroad and field assets. Railroads can further utilize their locomotives for revenue service as well as being PTC geo-mapping vehicles.

For railroads, this means cost reductions: reducing operating expenses, labor cost, and contractor cost for extra track time. 

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