2 Complexities of PTC Solved with Violet – Part 1

2 Complexities of PTC Solved with Violet – Part 1

According to the Association of American Railroads (AAR), the country’s railroads are moving toward fully installing Positive Train Control (PTC) to improve the safety of the rail network but are faced with significant roadblocks of the highly complex system.

The AAR outlined 8 complexities of implementing PTC.

We are doing a brief series sharing 2 of the complexities and how Wi-Tronix solves some of the issues with the Violet solution.

Complexity 1:
Deploying hundreds of thousands of technology pieces: PTC involves the deployment of hundreds of thousands of technology pieces — from onboard locomotive systems to switch position monitors — across the nationwide rail network.

It’s true. PTC involves significant additions of new wayside equipment, telecommunication systems, and a radio frequency spectrum. On the locomotive, onboard hardware and software are required to make the PTC system function. In addition, all these thousands of systems must be interoperable and work seamlessly with the railroad’s PTC back office.

It is an extremely complex technology that requires thousands of (literally) moving pieces to work together.

Wi-Tronix solves part of the problem of thousands of technology pieces being deployed by combining multiple systems and solutions in one piece of hardware. The Violet solution is:
  • Locomotive Data Acquisition Recording System (LDARS)
  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
  • Event Recorder
  • Crash-hardened Memory Module (CHM)
  • Business-critical data device
  • Back office configuration management of onboard system -- Manage the real-time health of PTC system and monitor system health
By combining multiple solutions into one piece of hardware, PTC installation is streamlined from an onboard hardware perspective. It also decreases the number of systems that need to be interoperable with each other because it is one, single solution. 

Reducing the number of devices means there are fewer pieces that must be installed. This saves installation time, reduces mechanical touches, uses less of the already-limited space on locomotive with less hardware, and drastically reduces maintenance over time.

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