Fuel Saving Tools

Fuel Saving Tools


EcoRun™ is an Energy Management System designed to maximize fuel efficiency by advising the engineer of the optimal throttle notch settings to complete each trip.

The solution offers immediate access to energy savings at a much lower start-up cost than traditional, control-based Energy Management systems.

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The Wi-FuelSensor gives you the power of accurate fuel readings and helpful alerts so you can get the most out of your fuel. With the addition of Wi-NAV to your fuel sensor, get improved readings of fuel even when the asset is tilted.

Using ultrasonic technology, the Wi-FuelSensor reads your asset’s fuel tank levels in real time and gives you alerts based on your specific requirements. Receive notifications of sudden fuel drops for timely detection of fuel theft, excess idle alerts to reduce fuel usage, and even know if the current tank level is enough to get to the destination with May Not Have Enough Fuel alerts.

Between the historic fuel level tracking and real-time notifications, you can reduce your overall fuel costs and improve vendor reconciliation accuracy by viewing fuel levels by location, date, and time.

Smart Fueling™

Fuel keeps your fleet moving, so make fueling more efficient and more cost effective.

Smart Fueling analyzes your locomotive or vessel data to understand fuel consumption and location.

Low on fuel and the next fueling station is far away? Smart Fueling recommends fueling now.

At a fueling station but the next station has cheaper fuel prices? No problem. Smart Fueling sees that you have enough fuel to make it to the next station and fill your locomotive there. You'll save some money too.

Wi-Fuel Display™

Wi-Fuel Display gives you an electronic reading of your current fuel levels in gallons, litres, or imperial units. The tank-mounted display gives you the power to know your fuel level in real time and helps crews during re-fuel events.


Wi-NAV gives you improved readings with its 3-axis digital accelerometer, digital compass, and a 3-axis digital gyroscope. With these advanced sensor technologies, you can improve readings and alerting accuracy.

With Wi-NAV, get accurate data on your fuel tank levels even while the asset is tilted and fuel is shifting the tank. The 3-axis digital gyroscope and accelerometers work together to detect pitch and roll events and instantly receive alerts. Use this data to increase your situation awareness and be in control in emergency situations.

This feature is an available option for Wi-PUs and can be easily retrofitted to existing units.

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