Careers - Full Time

Full Time Positions at Wi-Tronix

At Wi-Tronix, we look for teammates that exhibit our Core Values of Teamwork, Accountability, Excellence, Innovation, Customer Focus, and Making Things Happen.

Wi-Tronix is a fast-paced, entrepreneurial company. Working here gives you the opportunity to take your ideas and bring them to life.

From Engineering to IT, Customer Support to Manufacturing, we have a wide variety of positions for your skills and interests.

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Why Wi-Tronix?

What makes us unique? Why should you work at Wi-Tronix?

The answer is both simple and complex at the same time. The work we do at Wi-Tronix is much greater than the creation or sales of our product. It is even more than helping our customer or our customer's customer.

What drives us is knowing that our product is bettering the world around us. It makes railroad and marine operations safer for the entire community. It helps companies decrease their fuel consumption for a greener environment. It saves companies thousands to millions of dollars that can be re-invested in the economy and job creation.

That is what brings us to the office every morning.

The Wi-PU might be a small purple box, but it's a small purple box with a big job. And we're the people behind it.